So much poverty, pain and suffering, helplessness, dependence and confusion, is all around that the talks on progress and achievements sound hollow. Why is it so that virtually all the philosophers and the philosophies, the gods and the gospels, the reformers and the reforms, the revolutionaries and the revolutions, claiming to have worked seriously to ameliorate the conditions of life, have, so far been failure in their mission? The life is as miserable as it was in the beginning of civilization.
The life, by its very nature, is ambitious. To get birth, grow, bloom and fructify are manifestations of its growth. How to have a deserved growth – the knowledge and implementation of the same is the Abode working for.
The individual and the society are compatible to or against each other is not the Centre’s problem. It is the empowerment of individual, the brick of social whole, the Abode is dealing with.

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