Activities at the Abode are aimed at providing participants, individuals and groups, congenial facilities for thinking and discussing life and living. The outcomes thus reached at demand implementation. The Abode helps create environment for it.
     However, we cannot ignore the underdeveloped locality and as such often organise programs as follow:

1. The illiterate youth in the region interested in getting through SSC examination of Maharashtra State Board of Secondary Education within a stipulated period of time are being guided regularly.
2. Knowingly or otherwise, English language plays a vital role in life. Needy people are being trained in spoken English.
3. No doubt, the teachers in the region are educated and professionally qualified. We hold periodic camps to make them more proficient in languages and other subjects.
4. There is good network of ZP schools around. But guardians are unaware of their children’s progress. The Abode is working towards bringing awakening in them.
5. The local people are being made aware of environment and its protection.

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