We Are Sunflowers
We are sunflowers somewhat habitually leaning towards sun, the symbol of strength and power. Very few of us are capable of standing erect. It is safe to be sunflower. It is worthy to stand erect and develop one’s personality!


A large number of people and organizations have been working since time immemorial for amelioration of life and living but there isn’t much appreciable difference. Why?


My child is eating and I am enjoying the eating of my child.  Ours is an emotion- bound society.


Who is great? Mostly the power of propaganda machinery decides it.  Greatness is a perception which is subjective. The propaganda machinery plays a vital role in shaping people’s opinion. Are the great really great? There can’t be any answer for it.


Abode of Knowledge is planning to invite thinkers to discuss basic problems and have practical solutions. We are guided by ‘Emotion-Bound Society’, a treatise on alternative social order.


The siblings duo, brother Leelapurushottam and sister Wagdevi Ramkumar/ Deepika Dubey, have founded ‘Abode of Knowledge’ at Kalambhai, Post Palsai, Dist. Palghar in Maharashtra (India) under inspiration of Mrs. Devi and Mr. Liladhar Pirsali. The Center is based upon Mr. Liladhar’ treatise on alternative social order named as ‘Emotion- Bound Society’ .


Why have the basic questions related to life and living not been asked so far? Why are the basic questions related to life and living not being asked even now? According to me, non dares to do so. Philosophically speaking, the living organism is unfit for unbiased answer. Then, what is the way out? I have tried to answer it in my treatise ‘Emotion-Bound Society: A Thesis On Alternative Social Order’


Observation, in that line knowledge too, is inherently subjective, having scant concern for reality. Then, how can history be factual?

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