We Start With Education

            Education, till now, is communication between the teacher and the taught, the trainer and the trained. This has been a long tradition since time immemorial. But it is a communication at unequal levels, therefore never perfect. From old Indian Gurukuls or the Plato’s Academy to present age it is everywhere the same.

            In between some innovations are made by educationalists like Maria Montessori in the West, Tarabai Modak and Anutai Wagh at Dahanu in India. They put in new ideas and practices to make the traditional system more fruitful and result-oriented. But basics remain the same. The teacher, the trainer is at the higher level in communication.

            First time, in human history on the name of the I.B. System the focus is shifted towards the taught, the trained and his enquiring, knowledgeability, etc. traits are given preference.

            But, this too is a focus on the other extreme.

            Do we recommend the blend? No.

            One thing is very clear, whatever may be the system, the subjects essential for growth are languages, mathematics, science, history, geography and the civics. The syllabus, too, are similar. Of course, there are subjects like art, craft, dance and music, but they are hobbies to be pursued separately.

            The order of subjects and their syllabi change. Naturally the language is first. But geography deserves to be second, history third, civics the next. Afterwards, mathematics and sciences follow.

            Grammar is the base of language. But the classical book on English Grammar penned down more than a hundred years ago by Wren and Martin starts with ‘Subject and predicate’. Grammar deserves to be focused properly.

            Geography plays the most important role in life. The trees and plants, soil and stone, water and water reservoirs, hills and dales around play important roles in existence. So far all these are not given due recognition. Instead, the focus is on the Himalayas, the Alps, the Ganges, the Amazon, etc.

            History is the foundation we stand erect upon. But focus is mostly upon such episodes and personality related least to our being.

            Civics is immediate concern with social reality. How to make it congenial to living deserves to be tackled first.

            Mathematics is basically arithmetic and training in logical approach in dealing with life. Additions and subtractions are the base. There should not be rote-learning there. But, even today, schools across the world go for rote-learning of tables. The figure zero has not yet got the deserved importance. We may not be aware of the fact that the Romans did not know the figure ‘zero’, therefore they were totally unable to write-down large numbers.

            Science and scientific temperament is essential for life. The availability of the facilities around is to be understood and utilized first. Rocket-science is important but the uses and misuses of local material is more than that.

            The child has to grow physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually. Therefore, General Knowledge is necessary. He must have basic knowledge of sex and its role in life. Religion is to be understood in its emotional message and politics as the main governing factor and facilitator in life. How and why the growth of mankind could experience the kingships and the dictatorships, the aristocracies and the oligarchies, the democracies and the mobocracies must be included in studies.

            At present, a deep crisis is being focused in almost all branches of growth. We need to think a fresh without any prejudice. Gyanghar is a place dedicated to this cause. It has all the necessary facilities there to be exploited for the cause. ●


Confidence to stand On one’s Feet

            After air, water and food, education is the most important need of mankind.

            We send our children to school and take it for granted that we have fulfilled our responsibilities. After the schooling is over we realize something is missing in our child.

            What is that something? It is confidence to stand on its own feet. Who is responsible for that? It is our carelessness which results in child’s frustration in life.

            What is the way out?

            Let us be sure why we educate our child, send it to school.

            The participation of guardians in the process of education is necessary for desired results. The different Educational Boards may be philosophically alright, their success must be gauged on their strength to make their students confident enough to stand on their own feet, to make them analytical in their approach to life.

            We shall discuss all this at Gyanghar!●


Invitation For Deliberation

            The expectations of parents of school-going children are seldom fulfilled. Their complaints are many-

(1) The child is not interested in studies.

(2) He cannot read and write properly.

(3) He is poor in communication.

(4) He does not revise his lessons at home.

(5) His performance at school is poor.

(6) He is not obedient.

(7) Teachers neglect him.

(8) The money spent on his education is wasted.

(9) He does not even excel in extra-curricular activities, too.

            The tragedy is parents seek ready-made answers. But they will have to seek answers for themselves.

            Gyanghar organizes Academics Fun Retreat for this purpose. The parents get the opportunity to seek answers for their problems. They will have to find out:-

(1) What is education?

(2) What are parents’ expectations from it?

(3) What are their expectations from their children?

(4) What is their grudge against them?

(5) Is child aware of parents’ expectations and grudge?

(6) Do parents take regular visits to the school to track down the childrens’ progress there?

(7) Do they show sufficient appreciation to the teachers and school for their efforts?

(8) Do they help them in their dreams?

(9) Do they allow and create necessary freedom for their activities?

            We invite the stakeholders at Gyanghar to think and deliberate individually and in groups!●

Academics Fun Retreat (4)

चर्चा के लिए आमंत्रण

     अपेक्षा यह है कि बच्चा, जैसा आप चाहते हैं, वैसी प्रगति करे |

     शिकायतें अनेक हैं–

(१) बच्चे की पढ़ाई में रुचि नहीं |

(२) वह ठीक से पढ़-लिख नहीं सकता |

(३) वह संवाद-क्षमता में कमजोर है |

(४) वह घर पर पाठ नहीं दुहराता |

(५) उसका रिजल्ट कमजोर आता है |

(६) वह आज्ञाकारी नहीं है |

(७) उस पर शिक्षक ध्यान नहीं देते |

(८) पढ़ाई पर खर्च के हिसाब से रिटर्न नहीं मिलता |

(९) वह किसी भी क्षेत्र में विशेष प्रगति नहीं दिखाता |

     आप बना-बनाया उत्तर चाहते हैं |

     आप चाहते हैं, उत्तर दूसरा खोजे, फायदा आपको मिले |

     जीवन के तमाम क्षेत्रों में आज यही हो रहा है |

     शिक्षा-क्षेत्र में भी यही सब होता रहे तो सर्वनाश को रोकना संभव नहीं होगा|

     उत्तर हमें स्वयं खोजने होंगे | दूसरों के दिए हुए उत्तर हमारी समस्याओं के समाधान नहीं हो सकते |

     ज्ञानघर इसी खोज के लिए Academics Fun Retreat आयोजित करता है !

आइये खोजें कि–

(१) शिक्षा क्या है |

(२) शिक्षा से आपकी आपेक्षाएँ क्या हैं |

(३) आपकी अपने बच्चे से अपेक्षाएँ क्या हैं |

(४) आपकी शिकायतें क्या हैं |

(५) क्या आपका बच्चा आपकी अपेक्षाओं और शिकायतों से परिचित है ?

(६) क्या आप स्कूल में नियमित जाकर अपने बच्चे की खोज-खबर रखते हैं ?

(७) क्या आप अपने बच्चे के शिक्षकों व स्कूल को अपने बच्चे की पढ़ाई की लिए धन्यवाद देते हैं ?

(८) क्या आप अपने बच्चे के व्यक्तित्व का सम्मान करते हैं |

(९) क्या आप उसे उसके सपनों को हासिल करने में सहयोग देते हैं ?

(१०) क्या आप घर पर तथा उसके इर्द-गिर्द मुक्त वातावरण रख पाते हैं ?
     आइये, ज्ञानघर में आयोजित Retreat में इसी पर व्यक्तिगत तथा मिलकर विचार करें !●


Real friend says, I have come for your rescue; follow me! Fake one says, I have come for your rescue; go ahead, I will follow you! …48


Water-massage is quite helpful for body health. It is free , clean and has no side-effects. I have experienced it!…e47


Do you feel like not eating? Don’t eat. Do physical labor, problem is automatically solved!…46


Is it not strange that hunger for food is not solved even today? Who is responsible? Certainly not nature?…e45


Nature has developed its methodology for life and living. Accept it for survival or reject it for annihilation. Exceptions are for balance!…e44


We are at the crossroads of civilization. The present age needs the Socrates-Plato-Rousseau-Mao-Charu Majumdar like personalities to save mankind from Mobocrats and their Mobocracies!…e43


A person who has paid exorbinant price for getting something, he cannot naturally utilize the gains for common welfare….e42


Ambitious persons are unfit for regular employment. The are seldom honest to their assigned job!…e41


Incessant heavy rains for 3-days in Mumbai Region! As Head of School not easy to decide it’s closure for today. Why to blame others on indecisiveness, including PM?…e40


As philosophers and guides they have to participate in discussion to reach at some conclusion. But none has to avoid the fact that even mathematical and scientific truths deserve analysis….39b


Teachers arre friends, philosophers and guides. As friends, they have to explain the syllabus, motivate students to analyse the contents….e39-a


A healthy society helps its children to grow, flower and fructify. The students have to listen, to grasp, to analyse and to come to the conclusion. Teachers are there to help them in this process….e38


Students are there at the receiving end. They go to educational institutions for learning, not for any baptism….e37


Teachers are there to explain the syllabus to the students. Their education and professional qualifications are helpful there….e36


In teaching profession, there are three parties: Syllabus, Teachers and Students. Syllabus is as it is. One has little say in it….e35


Almost 95% words in the language are meaningless. Therefore, gesticulation is important!….34


Total security means total submission to slavery!


No revolutions, no revolutionary ideas are everlasting. They are contemporary remedies for suffering mankind. The present chaos all over the world again demands revolution! We, at Abode, have the support of the book ‘Emotion -Bound Society: A Thesis on Alternative Social Order’ and are working to fulfill the need…. e32


Revolution is an ignition which engulfs the social whole in no time. The existing chaos can be stopped only by a revolution. But not by copied idea from somewhere else… e31


The journey of a revolution among people starts at the bottom of society. They are the most sufferers. If they are convinced the foundation is laid….e30


For betterment of standard of living, philosophy philosophy is the base. It seeks help of science for implementation….e29


Life is social by birth. It has to grow individually, bloom and fructify…. e28


J. Rousseau says, man is born free but, everywhere he is in chains. No. Life, by birth is dependent to grow to be free. There can’t be any system for growth. This needs appreciation and recognition.e27


Truth is what one perceives, not what is propagated. One is responsible for one’s perception. e26


The edited version of any media doesn’t convey whole reality. It is, by itself, biased. …e25


Nature adjusts itself. A free person is the chooser. Nature is there to support… e24


It is absurd that academic institutions are teaching and giving practical lessons in swimming, Karate, archery, horse-riding and what not! They should tell honestly that they are not serious for academics but for education-business!… b20


Truth is what one perceives, not what is propagated. One is responsible for one’s perception. e26


The edited version of any media doesn’t convey whole reality. It is, by itself, biased. …e25


Nature adjusts itself. A free person is the chooser. Nature is there to support…. e24


My book ‘Emotion-Bound Society’ is not a guide but guideline to grow, bloom and fructify….e23


Analysis, not criticism of the past, helps pave way towards future…. e-22


Please read my book ‘Emotion-Bound Society: A Thesis on Alternative Social Order’ to know me better! …e-21


They exhort you to change yourself. They haven’t any faith in your being. They are criminals!…e-20


What is mission and how to be aware of and to commit to one’s mission is a real problem!…b-16


How to encourage each? The mission in life does the trick…. b15


The urge to lead is more powerful than to be led. Yes, lack of confidence discourages it…. b14


Of course, Bhavdhara works for theory but focuses on practicability…. b13


The edited versions are mostly vulnerable to practicability. Bhavdhara Academy stands for practicability….b-12


The edited words may have ornamental value, they have little applicability. (e-19)


Individuality has not to suffer. Each of the individuals has to grow, bloom and bear fruit.


…Each of the activities and subjects has offshoots…. The answer of ‘HOW’ lies there… (11)


Bhavdhara knows, there are a number of activities and subjects related to life and living… The answer of ‘HOW’ lies there… (10)


Emotions have to have logical base. Bhavdhara Academy is for it… (9)


Emotion-bound society is answer for ‘HOW’. Bavdhara Academy is working for it. My book ‘Emotion-Bound Society: A Thesis On Alternative Social Order’ may be a guide for it… (8)


Bhavdhara Academy has the answer for ‘HOW’. There are a number of activities related to life and living. The answer lies there… (7)


‘How’ demands an answer. Yes, there is an answer and Bhavdhara has it… (6)


It is not practical to appoint each student a monitor. But everyone has to grow, bloom and fructify. How?…(5)


Bhavdhara Academy asked its students who wanted to be monitors. Almost all raised their hands. Is it practical to appoint all?…(4)


Bhavdhara Academy has a dedicated team to work realize the aim. It comprises full and part-timers, including its teachers and students… (3)


Bhavdhara is an Academy, not a school in conservative sense. We do teach SSC syllabus of State Govt., but Academy is not for teaching. What it is for, pls., visit the next posts…


Bhavdhara Academy has a definite aim. It is to empower every person of its fold to grow, bloom and fructify…


Body is supreme. Everything else follows it. Working to make body healthy and strong is the basic priority.


Ultimately life has to stand on its own feet. Even the grass has to, for survival.


Science and globalization have wiped out differences even between males and females. Individuality, the core of existence, is the victim.


Science and globalization have wiped out differences between houses, villages, cities and even countries. Concretization everywhere!


Physique to ego, pleasure-pain to wisdom, everything is subjective. As such personal observation can’t be universal.


Getting inspired by others’ words or deeds is fraught with danger. One’s own observation is the best and safe guide.


Which is healthy and strong body? It is one which withstands nature’s onslaughts. Science is there for accidents.


Body is supreme. Everything else follows it. Working to make body healthy and strong is the basic priority.


Many a time even nature is short of fulfilling expectations. Then, the artists, sculptors, musicians, dancers and the likes take up the job.


In the eastern part of the world Yoga is being practised since time immemorial for physical, emotional, intellectual n spiritual health.


To live is the responsibility of life itself and to that end it has to, continuously, work create favourable circumstances.(9).


Living indicates total support of nature to one’s being. It is upon oneself to spruce it up.


Prudence says that the general problems of life and living can be solved by practical wisdom only. (8).


To mould oneself according to others’ expectations cannot ever be guide for one’s flowering in life.


The journey towards contentment and happiness demands health and strength of physique as well as of heart, mind and spirit.


Physique is the most important part of one’s existence. Its health and strength pave way for further journey.


One has sufficient inherent qualities to achieve one’s goal of a contented and happy life. (3)


Life is living, ever wishing to be contented and happy. Ultimate aim of activities is the same.


At age 70, I decide to repeat what I have said, to say what I feel to and to philosophize certain experiences related to life and living.


We Are Sunflowers
We are sunflowers somewhat habitually leaning towards sun, the symbol of strength and power. Very few of us are capable of standing erect. It is safe to be sunflower. It is worthy to stand erect and develop one’s personality!


A large number of people and organizations have been working since time immemorial for amelioration of life and living but there isn’t much appreciable difference. Why?


My child is eating and I am enjoying the eating of my child.  Ours is an emotion- bound society.


Who is great? Mostly the power of propaganda machinery decides it.  Greatness is a perception which is subjective. The propaganda machinery plays a vital role in shaping people’s opinion. Are the great really great? There can’t be any answer for it.


Abode of Knowledge is planning to invite thinkers to discuss basic problems and have practical solutions. We are guided by ‘Emotion-Bound Society’, a treatise on alternative social order.


The siblings duo, brother Leelapurushottam and sister Wagdevi Ramkumar/ Deepika Dubey, have founded ‘Abode of Knowledge’ at Kalambhai, Post Palsai, Dist. Palghar in Maharashtra (India) under inspiration of Mrs. Devi and Mr. Liladhar Pirsali. The Center is based upon Mr. Liladhar’ treatise on alternative social order named as ‘Emotion- Bound Society’ .


Why have the basic questions related to life and living not been asked so far? Why are the basic questions related to life and living not being asked even now? According to me, non dares to do so. Philosophically speaking, the living organism is unfit for unbiased answer. Then, what is the way out? I have tried to answer it in my treatise ‘Emotion-Bound Society: A Thesis On Alternative Social Order’


Observation, in that line knowledge too, is inherently subjective, having scant concern for reality. Then, how can history be factual?

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