For Thinking and Its Implementation

Basic Theme

          We think, therefore we are! Thinking is life’s identity. Thinking leads to progress. Thinking brings revolutions!

          Abode of Knowledge provides necessary facilities for thinking. Here –

(1) A large picturesque campus at the base of a huge mountain range surrounded by hills and dales and full of trees, bushes and creepers is available.

(2) Necessary facilities for lodging and boarding.

(3) The Abode is situated on Ganeshpuri-Wada Road, some 12 Kms. towards Wada.

(4) Equipped with digital facilities.

(5) A congenial atmosphere for thinking, discussing and evolving the methods of idea-implementation.

You are invited to avail of the facilities by contacting us on mobile Phones or through other digital facilities.

मूल विषय

     विचार ही अस्तित्व का आधार है | विचार जीवन की पहचान है | विचार से प्रगति होती है | विचार ही क्रांति लाता है !

      ज्ञानघर विचार के लिए जरूरी सुविधाएँ उपलब्ध करता है |  यहाँ–

(१) एक विशाल पर्वतमाला की टलहटी में चारों ओर पहाड़ियों से घिरे हुए वृक्ष-लता-गुल्मयुक्त एक सुरम्य परिसर हे |

(२) रहने-खाने के लिए जरूरी सुविधाएँ हैं |

(३) ज्ञानघर गणेशपुरी-वाडा की पक्की सड़क पर वाडा की ओर १२ कि.मि. की दूरी पर स्थित है |

(४) जरूरी आधुनिक डिजिटल उपकरणों से सुसज्ज है |

(५) विचार और चर्चा तथा निष्पन्न सत्यों को साकार करने के रास्तों की खोज के लिए अनुकूल माहौल है |  

     विनम्र निवेदन  है कि आप सुविधाओं का लाभ उठायें और मोबाइल फ़ोन पर अथवा दूसरी उपलब्ध सुविधाओं के माध्यम से संपर्क करें |


     Abode of Knowledge is founded as a private initiative towards an alternative social order better suited for a happy and contented life.

     The Abode is started by brother-sister duo Mr. Leelapurushottam and Wagdevi Ramkumar-Deepika Dubey together with Mrs. Bharatidevi Purnesh Kakoria under guidance of Mrs. Devi and Mr. Liladhar Pirsali.

     It is established at Village Kalambhai at Post Palsai, Taluka Wada in Palghar District of Maharashtra (India), some 63 Kms. from Mumbai, on Ganeshpuri (Vajreshwari)-Wada Road, exactly 12 Kms. from Ganeshpuri towards Wada.

     Ideologically the Abode is based upon the book titled as ‘Emotion-Bound Society’, a philosophical treatise on alternative social order penned by Mr. Liladhar Pirsali. The title of the Centre is borrowed from one of the chapters of the publication.